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Prof Tomohiko Moriyama

Vice Director

Telemedicine Development Center of Asia 

Kyushu University Hospital


The Role of Telemedicine in COVID-19 Era

There are still many gaps on the quality of medical services in the world. It is a big problem to be solved how to fill these gaps for global health. Telemedicine includes 2 meanings, one is remote patients care and another is remote medical education. Although remote patients care is very useful and important especially for prevention of pandemic in COVID-19 era, more people can be treated by education to medical doctors. A lot of Japanese experts have traveled abroad to share their medical knowledge and experience with foreign doctors for many years since Japan is one of the advanced countries in medical fields. However, human exchanges are unsustainable because of budget and time limitation, and there are many travel restrictions in COVID-19 era. Telemedicine using the Internet make daily and sustainable communications among doctors around the world possible without traveling. Through telemedicine such as webinar, case discussion, and live demonstration, doctors can learn a lot from experts even in COVID-19 era. Telemedicine may fill the gaps on medical quality in the world via sustainable education among doctors.

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