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Dean Ho Photo.jpg

Prof Dean Ho

Provost’s Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacology

National University of Singapore


Harnessing Digital Medicine to Optimise Drug Development and N-of-1 Healthcare

In the quest for truly optimised medicine, multiple challenges need to be overcome - The right drugs and corresponding doses need to be identified, which can be insurmountable given the very large parameter space created. In addition, a one-size-fits-all approach serves as a barrier to individualising treatment, as even effective drugs given at incorrect dosages can result in little to no efficacy. Furthermore, these doses may need to be modulated dynamically during the course treatment, since the patient response to treatment can also be dynamic. Addressing all of these factors can be accelerated by the intersection of novel technology platforms with clinical trial/regulatory innovation. This lecture will highlight the clinical programs of the Institute for Digital Medicine (WisDM) and N.1 Institute for Health (N.1). We will discuss our recent advances in clinical trials innovation and the clearance of first-in-class patient studies, as well as results from our ongoing clinical development studies. The ultimate objectives of WisDM and N.1, which are already being observed in the clinic, are to optimise patient-specific treatment outcomes and reduce healthcare costs to increase accessibility to practice-changing medicine.

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