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Dr Ashley McKimm


BMJ Innovations

The Digital Innovations from the COVID Pandemic That Will Make the Biggest Impact on Health by 2030

COVID-19 is the first pandemic where the rapid deployment of digital technology solutions became a core component of the race to understand, contain and deliver a potential treatment. Many of these technologies failed, but like past global crises, many will also evolve to play a permanent role in healthcare beyond COVID-19.

In this session, we’ll look at the technology trends which were developed or matured during the pandemic and how they will likely impact the future of global health over the next decade. We'll cover the mainstreaming of virtual healthcare through to the role of big data and AI on disease modelling and care provision.

Key takeaways 

  • See real-world examples of how digital technologies have assisted (and failed) during the COVID response

  • Understand how some of these technologies have scaled and adapted during the pandemic

  • Learn how these digital solutions will continue to evolve to have a lasting impact on global health over the next decade

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