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BMJ Future Health

BMJ Future Health
BMJ Future Health


2024年11月19日 GMT 09:00 – 2024年11月20日 GMT 19:00

London, 90 York Wy, London N1 9AG, UK


BMJ Future Health’s mission is to bridge current gaps between the problems we face and the solutions delivered, implementation success and impactful scale, and industry partners and the health delivery community.

We believe that innovation through digital solutions is now essential to creating thriving health systems that are financially stable, conducive to a supported workforce, and deliver both better patient outcomes and healthier populations.

To do this, we will support the innovation ecosystem to come together, engage with rapidly moving digital health, and translate solutions into embeddable practice. We will share implementation pathways, acknowledge failure, and learn quickly as a community.

Throughout the year we invite you to join us at webinars, podcasts, a hackathon, our main event, and more.

Together, we can work towards a future of health that is efficient, equitable and sustainable.


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